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Dr. Twist

Welcome to my webpage! I am a Part-Time Lecturer in Statistics within the Department of Statistics at WVU. I am also adjunct faculty at the WVU College of Pharmacy and the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering.

  • I spent 36 years working within Pharmaceutical R&D Organizations as a: Formulation Scientist, Statistician and Business Operations Director. I retired from the Pharmaceutical Industry (Mylan) on June 3, 2022 and taught Statistics Courses STAT-215 and STAT-511 at WVU in 2022.

  • I gained extensive knowledge of the drug product development process (including shelf-life estimation), modeling and simulation of business workflows, process improvement/optimization, physical testing, measurement system analysis (MSA), statistical process control (SPC), unit operations for manufacturing drug products and corresponding technology transfer to manufacturing plants. I collaborated with scientists in the area of industrial experimental designs (DOE), data analysis/visualization, and stochastic modeling (Bootstrapping/Monte Carlo and dynamic Pharmacokinetic computer simulation methods).
  • Experience at Mylan (now Viatris) was focused on supporting Product Development (solid oral generics) and Legal-IP groups with respect to patent analysis and litigation support related to formulation and drug substance polymorph patents. Fast-tracked a high value osmotic pump project and coordinated development of 6 bioequivalent OROS products, opioid tablets for oral cavity absorption and sustained release hydrophillic (slowly dissolving) matrix tablets.
  • Click here for my resume.
  • Fall 2022 Teaching:

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